Embedded Engineering

Everest provides expert, embedded team members to augment and accelerate your most important projects.

Senior engineers embedded within your organization to collaborate in real-time and supercharge your teams.

Designing experiences that are more human.

Everest designs digital products and platforms that are both functional and beautiful. Our work is driven by a desire to make things that enhance people’s lives, solve their problems faster, and make their days easier.

Design that helps you create lasting relationships with your customers.

Brands that live up to their promises and deliver exceptional quality are the ones that create the greatest connection to their customers. We seize on this opportunity by creating a consistent customer journey that uses great design to deliver your brand promise in every interaction.

Dedicated resources with industry-expertise to support delivery of key initiatives.

An expert team of award-winning designers.

Our promises are only as good as those that work to deliver on them. We exclusively hire Senior Designers and have worked alongside them to deliver experiences that serve millions of users across our client portfolio. Our work has won countless awards, including Apple Design Awards, Google Mobile Awards, Site of the Month and several Site of the Day awards from Awwwards.

Human-centered design backed by extensive user testing.

Working in iterative sprints, we prototype our work in real-time to understand what each flow, moment, and micro-interactions feels like to use. Our UX team works with your customers on a bi-weekly basis to test our work and its efficacy. These findings are documented and presented to our clients at each weekly status meeting.

Our Approach

Research & Foundations

We immediately focus on creating alignment in all areas of consideration for our engagement. Together, we'll dive deep into previous product demos, user research, analytics, and any other documentation you feel will help our work.

Qualitative Research
Observational Interviews
Product Strategy
Design Sprint Plan

IA &
UX Design

Working from foundational UX principles and patterns, we use an iterative approach to produce functional prototypes at speed. Our work adheres to accessibility and responsive guidelines while forging new standards for interaction.

Design Principles
Conceptual Direction
Proof of Concept Design
Information Architecture
Rapid Prototyping

Interface Design

Setting us apart from competing experience design agencies is our world-class visual design standards. Our multi-award winning team of designers will create a fully functional prototype of the entire digital experience.

Robust Figma Library
Design Guidelines
Design Documentation
Rapid User Testing

User Testing and Iterations

Working with rich prototypes of each flow, moment, and micro-interaction, our UX team thoroughly tests our work with real-world customers. We refine our assumption and create a robust user testing report to guide the final phase of our interface design process.

User Research
User Testing
Iterative Design
User Testing Report
Design Implementation

Handoff & Training

As part of our Design Implementation Guidelines, we train engineering and product teams to better understand how to implement and evolve the design product.

Usage Guideline Documentation
Product Design Training
Engineering Handoff Documentation


We work closely with your teams to conduct a comprehensive audit of your entire product portfolio. We identify technical pain points and design debt, define the core team and converge on our design strategy.

Content & UX Audit
Visual Design Audit
Technical Discovery & Audit
Governance Audit & Recommendations


Following the best Agile and Atomic Design principles, we work from the bottom up to build the foundations of your design system. We rigorously test our early assumptions in a live environment and iterative sprints to set ourselves up for future success.

Design Strategy
Conceptual Direction
Proof of Concept (POC) Design
Technical Enablement


Through iterative design and Agile development sprints, we follow user data and business objectives to build a comprehensive design system deeply rooted in your brand’s principles – all the while fostering a culture of collaboration.

Component Library
Iterative Design
Development Sprints
User Testing


Adoption is a journey, not an event. With a functional design system in place, we provide your teams with the tools and knowledge to take ownership of it and work together to drive adoption across all your products.

Comprehensive Design System
Product Adoption
Training & Advocating
Key Services
Content & UX Audit

Usability audit to identify problematic areas which cause friction in the successful completion of the user journey, and to define strategy for optimization.

Visual Design Audit

A review of all design and brand assets to date, to inform the scope and conceptual direction of the new design system.

Proof of Concept Design

POC allows for testing and lean revisions to the proposed process before we commit to a full design system production.

Visual Design

A design-complete Figma library consisting of every flow, page, and feature required to support the digital product or platform.

Component Library

A component design library, kept in sync with a version-controlled code repository that lends itself to your organization’s tech stack and follows a consistent set of design principles.


We provide your teams with the tools and processes to take ownership of your design and drive adoption across all your products.