Strengthening DTC for a Leading Health Care Brand

To stay ahead of upstart competitors, Medline challenged Everest to create a Connected Commerce experience that strengthens a new DTC brand.

With the emergence of design-driven DTC brands, it didn’t take long before a company set their sites on scrubs and work/leisure clothing for health care professionals. Medline, being one of the largest manufacturers of vital health care products, wanted to move quickly to stay ahead of their new competitors.

The challenge for us was simple, create a digital flagship store that seamlessly unifies their brand promise and Commerce experience. Following Medline’s enterprise standards, we opted to use a headless implementation of Magento.

Nurses and Doctors are moving constantly throughout their day. Our research uncovered insights that made it clear that the “Perfect Fit” was a key driver for purchasing behavior. We worked through several iterations of a “Fit Calculator” purpose built for those working in a hospital setting.

Candor's brand promise centers on modern style and comfort, built with 100 years of medical expertise in mind.

Candor's Commerce experience was created mobile first, giving customers all of the key features in a native experience that adapts with them throughout their shopping experience.

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