Enabling New Ways to Manage Resource and Data in the Field

Rotary International is a global service organization focused on pairing humanitarian initiatives with businesses and professional leaders. We designed a microsite that functions as a data and resource management tool without compromising visual appeal.

Rotary International partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to enhance their global service capabilities. With an increased member rate, they required a new digital interface to house organizational resources, data, and the story of their partnership.

An Experience Worth Coming Back to.

We started by creating a deep understanding of the Rotary and USAID partnership, their goals, and the various user types. The platform needed to highlight the partnership story in an exciting way, but also maintain its core function - resource management. We accomplished this by creating a cohesive design strategy oriented around time. The timeline of the partnership is highlighted with a visual journey, while Rotarians, those in the field around the globe, are able to quickly navigate to the resources and data they need.

Scalable Design For Global Reach.

Rotarians requiring access to the site are spread across the globe: often on phones in low-bandwidth areas. We focused on two core user types, corporate partners viewing the site to showcase the partnership and those in the field. The design system created optimized components per device to ensure browser performance matched the needs of the user group. 

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