Connecting Riders to the Mountain through eCommerce

Signal Snowboards is a team of pro snowboarders who have turned their passion and talent into a tight-knit and mighty community of riders. With Signal, boarders can get a brand new board shipped to them for a low monthly subscription.

Signal has grown an international network of snowboarders united by a passion for the mountain. Their vision is to develop a platform that connects riders through a community app and gives them stats on their riding habits and style via embedded sensors. We redesigned the Signal brand to reflect their roots as pro riders who love their community, and their vision for the tech-driven future of snowboarding that they are building.

An eCommerce experience for snowboard subscriptions.

Signal’s new eCommerce experience supports conversions through an intuitive user experience anchored in telling a powerful brand story. Product detail pages are designed to help first-time buyers get the right board for them with an affordable monthly membership.

Their goal was to create a new way to engage with customers beyond the point of purchase; an entirely new territory for the business.

Creating a design language made for exploring.

We developed a look and feel that welcomes visitors into the community and highlights the passion that the Signal team has for sharing the mountain experience that they love so much. Using photography from Signal riders gives you a sense of a weekend on the mountain — letting their natural sense of camaraderie come through.

"From the way they approach a project, organize the fundamental needs of your business and execute is impressive. Important to mention they are a lot of fun to work with as well."

Dave Lee, Founder

As smooth on mobile as shredding pow.

Mobile usage was +80%, but we didn’t need the numbers to tell us that mobile would be a crucial experience to nail. With social advertising efforts driving great click-through rates — we needed to give users coming from Instagram a no-brainer checkout process. Mobile conversions are up 126%.

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